Making an impact in Haiti

We look to improve lives in everything we do in Haiti. In 2015, we employed 55 Haitian construction workers for 12 full months with the funds we raised to build the second level of the IDADEE Children's Home. Because of the addition, we now support 40 children who call IDADEE home. They get a full education through 12th grade—but we won't stop there. Those children will receive a solid biblical foundation, while benefiting from clean water, improved medical care, and a loving home environment.

We continue to financially support these children, and provide for their daily needs. With your help, future children looking for a safe haven to call home will be able to do so at IDADEE.

We also aim to provide jobs to local Haitians to care for, and lead, the children of IDADEE—impacting not only the children in the home, but the surrounding community as well.

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The Primary and soon to be Secondary school on the grounds at IDADEE not only serve the 40 children there, but 120 additional children in that community, one of the poorest in Haiti. If not for this school, most of these children would not be educated. No one is turned away due to lack of finances.

The Vocational will teach essential job and business skills. It will provide help for transition and economy into these communities.

The school to date has provided 22 sustainable jobs (and growing) which is an important factor in the success of our mission.

Medical Clinic

The medical clinic aims to serve 1000+ children and adults in the communities that surround IDADEE. No patient will be turned away due to lack of finances. This Haitian-run clinic provides space for Haitian and America medical professionals to serve side-by- side. It is run by Dr. Wyslyn Avenard, who grew up at EBAC children’s home and had the vision to serve others spiritually and physically. He was sponsored for medical school, now he and his wife, a nurse will oversee the clinic. The clinic will provide 51 sustainable medical positions.

Water & Sanitation

Water Missions founders joined our first mission trip in 2014. They were already doing work in Haiti and were invited to see the IDADEE property. They have been incredible partners. Together, through private funding, there are now 8 wells and 8 safe water systems that serve 30,000 people. Almost 600 latrines have been built and provided to the IDADEE community that serve 4000 people. Dignity is restored in families through something that most take for granted.

Additional Programs

Our partners work diligently with the Haitian-led board at IDADEE to help implement their vision and what they see as needs for their community and country. Programs in place through other partners are:

Farm Land Project

30 acres of local farmland to provide food for our children, feed the poor, and provide jobs in the community.

Reef Restoration

Restoration Haiti has started a reef conservation movement in the Cap Hatien area. Restoration Haiti is working with local fishermen to develop strategic reef management solutions and build in a thriving eco-tourism industry.

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