Making an impact in St. Louis

We have learned a lot about helping people the right way through our work in Haiti. It has taught us many things and we are excited to bring our success in Haiti to St. Louis.

We have partnered with the Tabernacle Community Development Corporation as the implementers of our plan. Through the purchase and renovations of homes in the North St. Louis area we will provide safe stable housing for families but also provide wrap around services for those families. As in Haiti we are focused on involving the community in everything that we do so we are focused on employing local contactors for work on the homes. The families will occupy the homes as renters and will be required to attend quarterly seminars that will focus on the needs of their family. The families will also be required to volunteer in the community 2-4 hours per month.

The measurable that we are focused on improving with the family's in the program are as listed below.

Make a Donation


Student Attendance (absences/tardies)

Student GPA

Life Classes Attended

Volunteer Hours

Employment Retention (how long on the job)


Housing Retention (days living in one location)

Community IMPACT

Companies Employed

Number of Employees (minority vs. overall)

Partner/Volunteer Involvement (number of agency/non-profits we work with and the amount of volunteers as well as hours they donate to serving the families)

We have realized the importance of family structure, job creation and education. Mentorship from this program will equip these families to focus on these things along with sustaining a stable home life.

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