On our first mission trip to Haiti, we were touched by the kindness and sincerity of the people we met. Now, in return, we aim to touch the lives of those in need in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. Our goal is to improve the quality of life through everything we do.

From building a children’s home to providing education, medical care, and clean water, we strive to enhance lives in every way we can. We hope to make a lasting IMPACT for generations to come.

Thriving Children

School Lunches

Serving Hands

Smiles... and counting

IDADEE Children’s Home

In 2015, we employed 55 Haitian construction workers for 12 full months to build the second level of the IDADEE Children’s Home. This addition now supports 40 children who call IDADEE home, all of whom receive a solid biblical foundation, clean water, medical care, and a loving home environment.

IDADEE benefits local children and adults alike; we provide for the children’s needs on a daily basis, and the existence of IDADEE has created numerous local jobs in the community for people to care for and lead the children of IDADEE.

With your help, we can continue to support these children and keep local Haitians employed. Additionally, future children looking for a safe haven to call home will be able to do so at IDADEE.

Breaking Bread

For many children in Cap-Haïtien, their only meal each day is the one they get at school. Through our Breaking Bread program, we are able to feed schoolchildren breakfast and lunch, as well as give them prepared food packets to take home to feed their families for the weekend. Additionally, we employ five local women to work in the kitchen at the school, which gives them a way to provide for their families as well.

CHIDA Medical Clinic

The medical clinic we built provides care for 1,000 children and adults in the communities that surround IDADEE. No patient is turned away due to lack of finances. In this Haitian-run clinic, Haitian and American medical professionals serve side-by-side. The clinic is run by Dr. Wyslyn Avenard, who grew up at EBAC children’s home and had the vision to serve others spiritually and physically, along with his wife, who is a nurse. The clinic provides 51 sustainable medical positions.


The primary and secondary schools on the grounds at IDADEE serve the 40 children who live there as well as 120 children from the community, one of the poorest in Haiti. If not for this school, most of these children would not receive an education. No one is turned away for lack of finances.

The school has created 22 sustainable jobs (and growing), which is another important factor in the success of our mission. And the vocational school teaches essential job and business skills, helping with transition and economy in these communities.

Water & Sanitation

Together with our incredible partners at Water Mission, and through private funding, we have built eight wells and eight safe water systems that serve 30,000 people. Almost 600 latrines have been constructed for the IDADEE community, serving 4,000 people. In providing safe and sanitized water throughout the community, we’ve been able to restore dignity in something that most people take for granted, as well as ensure better health for everyone.


Through partnerships with organizations like Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, Water Mission, and Big League Impact, we are able to bring to life the vision that six Haitian friends had long ago: a place where abandoned and orphaned children could not only call home but be equipped with education, skills, and love so that they could thrive in their own communities and be pillars of their country.

Partner and mentor Brad Henderson, President of the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, has had an especially big IMPACT on us. His experience, 25-year relationship with Haiti, and dedication to the cause have been instrumental in implementing our programs.

We can’t do this alone. We give our sincerest thanks to all the partners who have supported our mission!

Experience Haiti

When Kyle and Bridget first set eyes on the community of Cap-Haïtien, with the sparkling bay to one side and tree-covered mountains on the other, their lives were changed forever. The children and adults they met captured their hearts, and the work they did inspired them to start Brace for IMPACT 46. See for yourself the IMPACT this experience had on their lives and the lives of everyone in that Haitian community.

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