IMPACT St. Louis

Our work in Haiti IMPACTS how we help people in our hometown of St. Louis. We realize the importance of family structure, job creation, and education, and so we equip these families with the tools they need to for a stable home life long after our work on the project is done.

In partnership with Tabernacle Community Development Corporation, we purchase and renovate homes in the North St. Louis area and employ local contractors to conduct the work. We then provide these safe, stable homes for families in need, and in turn they pay rent, attend quarterly seminars that focus on the needs of their family, and volunteer in the community 2-4 hours per month.

Family Members Impacted

Houses Owned

Local Jobs Created

Investment into ARP




Through our work in North St. Louis, we’ve been able to achieve measurable, sustainable results, including an increase in all of the following areas:


  • Student Attendance (reduced absences/tardies)
  • Student GPA
  • Life Classes Attended
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Employment Retention (how long on the job)
  • Salary Housing Retention (days living in one location)

Community IMPACT

  • Companies Employed
  • Number of Employees (minority vs. overall)
  • Partner Involvement (number of agency/non-profits we work with)
  • Volunteer Involvement (number of volunteers, number of hours donated to serving families)

Let’s Make an IMPACT Together